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Not A Workout Trend

                  THIS IS A MOVEMENT 

Not A Fad Diet

                  THIS IS A MOVEMENT 

Not A Gym Membership

                  THIS IS A MOVEMENT

The 4:13 Life

The Vision


The 4:13 Fitness Project was started to create a “new normal” for our fellow Christians. The entire leadership team grew up in church and is all too familiar with “fellowship food” but also the lack of health education in the church. We were not at all surprised when we heard that Christians were the most overweight of any religious group or that a research study concluded that individuals that attend religious services regularly had a greater chance of being overweight. So with God's help, we are setting out to create a lifestyle change movement in the church.

As Christians, we know that we are supposed to take care of our bodies, but we also know that the struggle is real.  Some of us were raised to think that greens with bacon could still be considered a vegetable or that gyms were only for skinny people. The 4:13 Fitness Project was created to dispel the myths and take the fear out of creating a healthier life. It is not a gym membership or a weight loss program, even though we hope those become great outcomes.  It is about truly changing our community and shifting mindsets to understand that living a holy life for God means we need to focus more on being truly whole!  

We want to connect the Christian community to fight the statistics of weight and obesity, but most importantly fight the related diseases and early death. We know that it can’t be done alone and the epidemic is only getting worse. So as our Bible tells us, we must do this together by the strength of Christ.   

Changing mindsets is sometimes harder than lifting weights. Too often we say we can’t eat better, we can’t exercise, we can’t lose weight, we can’t get off of high blood pressure medicine, we can’t change our life, etc. We want to change “I Can’t” to “I Can” - all over the country in every church and in every Christian household.  

It is our duty as Christians to act on what we believe,
Philippians 4:13 – I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.

So join the movement. Start living the 4:13 Life!

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