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 "4:13  Life" Programs are a more comprehensive experience that includes group exercise, accountability services, live sessions with personal trainers, nutritionists, and other members in your  community.  Join one of the "4:13 Life" Program Groups Today! 

"4:13 Life" Programs

Accountability Services

It is said, when we DECIDE on a goal, we have a 25% chance of achievement, but when we CREATE AN ACCOUNTABILITY APPOINTMENT WITH SOMEONE for our goal, we increase the chance of success to 95%.  Let the "4:13 Life" Accountability Team help you to succeed in your health journey.

Small Group Fitness

"4:13 Life" Small Group Fitness Programs are  7 - 10 dedicated weeks that incorporate prayer, journaling, and group challenges.  Through a small group of Christians that are on your same fitness level, you will find support, encouragement and SUCCESS!

"4:13 Life" Professionals

If we don't have a Group Fitness class near you, you can still tap into our database of "4:13 Life" Professionals.  We have personal trainers and nutritionists ready to get you on your journey to wholeness.