Accountability Programs


Level I - "4:13 Life" Coach - $17.99/mo

  • Greatly increase the likelihood of success with individual monitoring of goals and progress with a dedicated "4:13 Life" Accountability Coach

  • Review goals and timeline with your "4:13 Life" Accountability Coach

  • Bi-Weekly goal check-ins from your coach and the "4:13 Life" Accountability Team


Level II - "4:13 Life" Buddy - $12.99/mo

  •  Get paired with a fellow 4:13 Lifer on your same (or closely similar) journey

  • Review goals and timeline with "4:13 Life" Accountability Coach

  • Weekly goal check-ins from "4:13 Life" Accountability Team


Level III - "4:13 Life" Group - $9.99/mo.

  • Join a "4:13 Life" Accountability Group on your same (or closely similar) journey

  • Set individual and group goals and timeline with "4:13 Life" Accountability Coach

  • Weekly goal check-ins from "4:13 Life" Accountability Team

The Accountability Program is a monitoring and reporting service designed to assist "4:13 Life" Participants to stay on track toward achieving their individual goals.  Research shows that individuals that have goal  accountability greatly increase the likelihood for goal accomplishment.  Services do not include goal creation.  All Things Fitness can provide recommendations on goals to participants to review with a nutritionist, personal trainer, and/or doctor.  Minimum 2 month commitment on all Levels; Level II Buddies must have similar goals and timelines. 

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Group Fitness Programs

"4:13 Life" Group Fitness Programs

Select your level.

Join a group based on your current activity level. There are three levels of participation: Believers (beginner), Warriors (intermediate), and Conquerors (advanced). 

Complete the sessions.

Over a 7-10 week period, you will engage in mental, physical, and spiritual exercises centered around fun challenges to create healthier nutrition habits and a more active lifestyle. Fall 2018 sessions will begin in September. 

Share your journey.

You will have access to a social community of Christians nationwide who are on the same health journey. Stay connected through prayer sessions, devotions, and group chats. 

As Christians, we know that in our fellowship there is strength.

--a threefold cord is not easily broken--

We will be more successful if we work together.  

Join a group that best fits your needs for fun, unity and accountability. 

Find Your Group


For those new to health and fitness or simply looking for a fresh start and a lot of fun. Join this beginner level group to take the first steps on your health journey. 


For those whose current fitness routines could use a boost. Join this intermediate level group to revamp your health journey with renewed focus on your goals. 


For those with a strong fitness foundation ready to take their progress to new heights. Join this advanced level group to further solidify good habits on your health journey. 

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Work It Out With a "4:13 Life" Professional



Connect with a "4:13 Life" Certified Trainer, that will pray with you and get you working toward your healthy lifestyle goals.



Don't be tempted & fooled by Low-Fat labels, have a certified nutritionist help plan meals, grocery lists and serving size.  


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